Elizabeth Marglin

Elizabeth Marglin

I'm a Boulder, CO-based journalist.

Writing about health, yoga, fitness, travel, parenting, sustainability, beauty, style and design. My m.o.: Leave no stone unturned in the search for better ways to live.

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Next Avenue

Next Avenue: News and Information for People Over 50

Want Better Health? Go Outside
Being in green or blue spaces may improve your physical and mental health

Douglas wallace article

Douglas Wallace, Ph.D., Receives the 2017 Dr. Paul Janssen Award ...

If there’s one thing Dr. Paul Janssen, founder of Janssen Pharmaceuticals, part of the Johnson & Johnson family of companies, knew for sure, it was this: A willingness to forge your own path is often at the heart of any revolutionary breakthrough.

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15 Things You Should Always Buy Online | Prevention

Mall phobics rejoice: Certain items just make more sense to buy online—either due to significant cost savings or pure convenience.

0x 2 article

6 Summer Sun Safety Tips from Seasoned Moms

You know what they say: Practice what you preach. That adage is especially true when it comes to sun safety, so we asked mom bloggers to share their clever tricks for instilling sun smarts in their little ones.

90 article

Your Body On Seasonal Allergies: What Happens When Pollen ...

Gesundheit! Now that spring is officially here, you may be bracing for itchy, watery eyes and sneezing. But do you really know why your body seems to be waging war?

Intention 280 01 fnl article

How to Keep a New Year Resolution That Will Last

Forget typical self-improvement resolutions—they simply don’t last. What does? Harnessing one of yoga’s profound formulas for setting the right intention and achieving your heart’s desire.

Live chat article

AMCG Blog | AM Conservation Group

Live Chat as a way to Drive Engagement on Energy Product Websites

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Yoga Journal

The gift of meditation

The last thing anyone needs during the holiday season is one more to-do item on their list— unless that to-do is meditation.

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Yoga Journal

Natural Beauty Awards

it can be tough to tell the green from the green-washed.

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Who Am I? Use The Enneagram With Yoga To Find Your Answer

In an ideal world, we’d always think and act from a place of wisdom and oneness. But in the real world, ingrained patterns and personality traits can get in the way.

Parkinsons slide article

Twitching From Parkinson's or Levidopa? - MedShadow

The most common sign of Parkinson's might be a side effect of levodopa, one of the drugs used to treat the disease

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Drugs for Parkinson's: The Shocking Side Effects - MedShadow

Common medications to treat Parkinson's disease can cause addictions to gambling, shopping, compulsive eating and an obsession with sex

Backpain1 slide article

Pain in the Back

Low back pain is incredibly common but difficult to treat. Here's how doctors' Rx are evolving and what treatments are proving most effective.



emerson ecologics' guide to healthy living for patients

New mothers friends exercising 700x700 article

10 Ways to Be a More Confident Mom | Fit Pregnancy and Baby

You celebrate every milestone your baby reaches. (The first smile! Rolling over!) But you've got your own set of "firsts" to strive for—and we're here to tell you that, no matter how hard it may be, you will achieve every one of your new mom milestones.