Elizabeth Marglin

Elizabeth Marglin

I'm a Boulder, CO-based journalist.

Writing about health, yoga, fitness, travel, parenting, sustainability, beauty, style and design. My m.o.: Leave no stone unturned in the search for better ways to live.

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Douglas wallace article

Douglas Wallace, Ph.D., Receives the 2017 Dr. Paul Janssen Award ...

If there’s one thing Dr. Paul Janssen, founder of Janssen Pharmaceuticals, part of the Johnson & Johnson family of companies, knew for sure, it was this: A willingness to forge your own path is often at the heart of any revolutionary breakthrough.

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6 Summer Sun Safety Tips from Seasoned Moms

You know what they say: Practice what you preach. That adage is especially true when it comes to sun safety, so we asked mom bloggers to share their clever tricks for instilling sun smarts in their little ones.

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Your Body On Seasonal Allergies: What Happens When Pollen ...

Gesundheit! Now that spring is officially here, you may be bracing for itchy, watery eyes and sneezing. But do you really know why your body seems to be waging war?

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Meet Dr. Paul Janssen: A Legend in Pharmacology | Johnson ...

When Janssen Pharmaceuticals merged with Johnson & Johnson in the early 1960s, a fruitful collaboration that continues to this day was born.