Elizabeth Marglin

Elizabeth Marglin

I'm a Boulder, CO-based journalist.

Writing about health, yoga, fitness, travel, parenting, sustainability, beauty, style and design. My m.o.: Leave no stone unturned in the search for better ways to live.

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15 Things You Should Always Buy Online | Prevention

Mall phobics rejoice: Certain items just make more sense to buy online—either due to significant cost savings or pure convenience.

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6 Things That Happen When You Quit Using Artificial Sweeteners ...

Sugar substitutes are little packets of subterfuge, playing all kinds of mischief on your taste, your appetite, and even your restraint.

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6 Reasons You're Gassy That Have Nothing To Do With What You're ...

If much to your own chagrin, you've ever accidentally let one (OK, several) rip in public, you're not alone.

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5 Drinks Nutritionists Count On To Lose Weight | Prevention

Can you sip your way slim? When it comes to weight loss, beverages can be a boon for your diet—or a surefire way to blow it.

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6 Nutritionists Reveal What They Eat When They're Stressed Out ...

Just like death and taxes, stress is one of life's certainties. No one is immune from the occasional stress-eating foray, including high-profile nutritionists.

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14 Priceless Pieces Of Relationship Advice You Only Realize After ...

People tend to enter marriage with a healthy amount of idealism—otherwise it's hard to make a lifetime commitment to someone else.

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4 Ways Your Power Bowl Is Making You Gain Weight | Prevention

Power bowls are a common sight on the menus of fast casual chains and trendy restaurants, and they're also super easy to whip up from leftovers at home.

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6 Women Share Exactly What They Did To Quit Sugar For Good ...

In everyone's diet there tends to be at least one Achilles' heel, a kind of food we gravitate towards that keeps us trapped in an unhealthy cycle of dependency.

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11 Ways Social Workers Avoid Job Burnout—And You Can, Too ...

Social workers have an emotionally intense job coupled with crushing caseloads and very little supervision and support.

Shutterstock 431700400 breast cancer david litman article

Breast Cancer Treatment Costs Nearly Broke Me—This Is How I ...

For many women, a diagnosis of breast cancer provokes the fear of physical survival. But hot on the heels of worrying about one's mortality comes the fear of being able to financially survive cancer.

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7 Diet Tweaks Your Body Wants You To Make This Fall | Prevention

The leaves are changing colors, there's a nip in the air, and you've got your slippers on—but you're still eating the same summer staples.